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Organization structure

Organization structure

The organization structure of KIST is made of three main arms namely:

  • The council
  • Advisory Committees to the council
  • The Secretariat

The Council

The Council of KIST consists of members from Vocational education and training of Zanzibar, business community, employers’ association, students’ organization of the Institute, representative of academic staff, representative from the ministry responsible for education and a member appointed by the Minister of the ministry responsible for education of with experience in education. 

The councillors are appointed by the Minister responsible for education.

Chairperson of the Council and the Director of the Institute who by the post is the Secretary are appointed by the President of Zanzibar.

Advisory Committees

Internally, the Council has established standing committees and

Boards which support Council on various matters related to the Institute; also, they provide technical support of how best KIST can carry out its activities.

There are eight advisory committees which covers the key sectors:

  • Academic Board
  • Finance and Investment 
  • Auditing 
  • Tender Board 
  • Disciplinary 
  • Disciplinary Appeals 
  • Estate, Environment and HIV/AIDS 
  • Quality Assurance