Mechanical & Automotive Engineering Department

This department offered Ordinary Diploma (NTA Level 4 - 6). In Level 4 and Level 5 students at this department have the same curriculum, at Level 6 students are separated depending on thir interest in Automotive or Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering

This is one of the first two departments at the Institute. It was established in 1969 with two sections - Mechanical and Automotive. A third section, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning was later introduced before automotive section was separated from them.

The intake per year varies but the muximum intake in each academic year is 16 students. This is due to the number of machines available in the department.

Form 1980 to date girls students, even though in a small numbers are amongst the best graduates of the department. Some of the successful students from earlier years have joined the teaching staff and others are now working in industries, self-employed and organizations in high positions of responsibility.

Automotive Engineering

This is the third Department to be established at the Institute, when it was separated from Mechanical Engineering.

The courses of this department is designed to provide the students with basic knoeledge and skills to gain employment as a Motor Vehicle Technician, who is responsible for servicing, maintaining and repairing of large variety of automotive vehicles. With collaboration to AAA (Africa Agape Association) Automotive Department has star training drivers of class EII on its driving school centre as well as vocational training on Automotive Maitenance and Repair. By December 2009 a modern cars having computerised systems.

This workshop has been sponsored by the German Government through Non - Governmental Organisation Partner - aid International Organisation (PAI), PAMOJA a NGO from Zanzibar and KIST. With this modern workshop, students will have an opportunity to learn and use their skills with modern equipment so that after years of schooling they will be ready to be employed.

Depertment Teachers

Mr. Ali H. Mkali; FTC (KTC), Adv. Diploma in Engineering (DIT), PGD (EM) (UDSM), MEM (UDSM)-Head of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering Department
Mr. Hamad M. Abdulla, FTC (KTC), MSc Engineering (Mariupol)
Mr. Haji Abdulhamid, FTC (KTC), MSc - (Minsk), MTech. (Pretoria)
Mr. Said F. Abbas; FTC (KTC), Diploma in Education (Zanzibar), Adv. Diploma in Engineering (MIST)
Mr. Mabrouk H. Ali; Msc. Engineering (Volgograd)
Mr. Said M. Suleiman, MSc. Engineering (Volgograd)
Mr. Haji S. Haji,; FTC (KTC), Diploma in Education (Zanzibar)
*Ms. Samira A. Moh’d; Ordinary Diploma (KIST)
Mr. Amour S. Mohamed; Ordinary Diploma KIST, BSc. in Mechanical Eng (DIT- Dar-es-salaam).
Mr. Hemed M. Iddi; Ordinary Diploma KIST, BSc. in Mechanical Eng (DIT- Dar-es-salaam).

* Study leave

Head of depertment

Head Picture

Mr. Ali H. Mkali

Director's Message

Ultimate goal is to transform our Institution to a World class Centre of Excellence in Engineering, Applied Sciences and Entrepreneurship. We believe that success comes out of the skilled hands and the innovated mind. Read more ...

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