Electrical Engineering Department

This is one of the earliest established departments of the Institute and has emphasis especially at this time when the Government has provided electricity almost throughout Zanzibar Islands. Like with any other department at the Institute the programme of study is divided into two major parts:

Visual tutorial an industrial training. Electrical Engineering Department offers ordinary Diploma (Level 4-6) and several courses in vocational education and training.

Despite being one of the oldest departments of the Institute, still a lot of students prefer to take electrical engineering courses especially female students.

Future prospect of the department is to establish renewable energies courses which will include oil and gas, solar energy and wind energy engineering.

Depertment Teachers

Ms. Aziza K. Haji, FTC (KTC), BSc. in Physics/Mathematics with Education (Zanzibar) - Head of Department
Mr. Idrissa M. Haji, FTC (KTC); Adv. Diploma in Eng. - (DIT)
Mr. Bakar H. Mohammed, FTC(KTC); B. in Engineering (DIT)
*Mr. Mohamed M. Haji, FTC (KTC), Adv. Diploma in Eng. - (DIT), BSc in Electrical and Electronics in Engineering (St. Joseph)
*Ms. Asha R. Nassor FTC (KTC), BSc. Engineering (Algeria)
Mr. Rashid M. Said FTC (KTC), B. in Engineering (DIT)
Mr. Ali A. Abdulla, FTC (KTC), BSc Engineering (UDSM), Master of Engineering (Nepal)
Mr. Shariff Kh. Shariff, FTC (KTC), B. in Engineering(DIT)
Mr. Thani . R. Said, NTA LEVEL 6 (KIST), B. in Engineering(DIT)
Ms. Nyausi M. Makame, FTC (KTC), BSc Engineering (UDSM)
Ms. Salama Said Issa, FTC (KTC)

* Study leave

Head of depertment

Head Picture

Ms. Aziza K. Haji

Director's Message

Ultimate goal is to transform our Institution to a World class Centre of Excellence in Engineering, Applied Sciences and Entrepreneurship. We believe that success comes out of the skilled hands and the innovated mind. Read more ...

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