Civil & Transportation Engineering Department

This department was established in 1972. Since then, it has grown in strength in term of equipment and materials. Plans are in place to improve the physical resources and situation in line with the new .Recently USAID and (Tanzania Education Authorities) TEA offered more than $100,000 for new equipment and laboratory equipment to the Department. Graduates of this department are capable of interpreting Civil Engineer's designs into technical realities in various jobs such as road and highway construction, erection of buildings and other structural works, surveying, draughtmanship and other related works. Currently department offer Ordinary Diploma (NTA 4 - 6).

In collaboration with University Karisruhe (Department of Water Treatment) of German, Civil department will introduce a new module of water treatment by desalination systems from 2011 - 2012 academic year. This partnership is supported by development partner - Down Chemical (world leading membrane manufacturer) which supports the development process through international experience with water treatment and membrane expertise.

By 2017 department expect to conduct Bachelor degree in conservation of stone construction in collaboration with ACCRA Italy.

Depertment Teachers

Ms. Ratiba A. Muhammed, FTC (KTC); BSc Engineering (UDSM), MCA, (Hydrebad–India) - Head of Department
Mr. Ali K. Abdalla, FTC (KTC); Adv. Diploma in Building Economy Ardhi Institute (DSM)
Ms. Zuleikha P. Ali, FTC(KTC); B in Engineering-(DIT)
Ms. Arafa S. Juma, FTC (KTC); Diploma in Education (Zanzibar) Adv. Diploma in Engineering. (MIST) PGD Engineering(UDSM)
*Ms. Tawhida M. Hussein, FTC (KTC), Adv. Diploma in Engineering (DIT), PGD Engineering(UDSM)
Ms Hidaya A. Abbass FTC (KTC); BSc- Engineering (UDSM)
Mr. Zidi A. Makame FTC (KTC); MSc of Architect (Russia)
Ms. Sauda M. Hassan FTC (KTC),BSc- Engineering (UDSM).
Mr. Yunus A. Hamdan ACSEE (Lumumba S. School), BSc- in Civil and Structural Eng. (UDSM)
Ms. Fatma Kombo Hamad, Ordinary Diploma in Civil and Transportaton (KIST-Zanzibar), BSc- in Civil and Structural Eng.(DIT- Dar-s-salaam)

* Study leave

Head of depertment

Head Picture

Ms. Ratiba A. Muhammed

Director's Message

Ultimate goal is to transform our Institution to a World class Centre of Excellence in Engineering, Applied Sciences and Entrepreneurship. We believe that success comes out of the skilled hands and the innovated mind. Read more ...

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